Stationary design for Mediface Aesthetics.


Since the company's inception in 2018, myself and the founder Jessica have been working on constantly developing Mediface Aesthetics' branding and subsequent design to reflect the high quality of service and patient care that they provide. The brand has undergone subtle changes over the past couple of years, with the core logo design remaining a strong identifier for the brand.
Branding Design
Collateral Design
Social Media Design
Mediface Aesthetics main logo in gold foiling.Mediface Aesthetics logomark in a selection of colours.
Mediface Aesthetics business card with gold foiling.
Square menu booklet for Mediface Aesthetics.Square menu booklet for Mediface Aesthetics.
Mediface Aesthetics outdoor signage in brushed gold.
Social Media designs displayed on iPhone for Mediface Aesthetics.Mediface Aesthetics designs for Instagram.