Fifty One Apparel range of website examples on multiple Apple devices.

Fifty One Apparel

Fifty One Apparel has been developed from a belief that there is a need for a clothing range that caters to women suffering with symptoms during menopause. Having been running for a couple of years, with creating clothes with patented space-tech fabrics I was recommended to Louise who was looking to revamp her already trademarked branding and create a new e-commerce platform to elevate her innovative product range.
Branding Expansion
Website Design
Collateral Design
Fifty One Apparel logo overlaid over a photo of a model wearing the garments.
Breakdown of Fifty One Apparel branding expansion with logo layouts and colours.Colour scheme for Fifty One Apparel - Navy Blue, Salmon Pink, Light Beige, White.
Range of printed collateral for Fifty One Apparel.
Fifty One Apparel had already trademarked their logo, meaning that rather than a full branding re-design, we decided to expand on the current one. We segmented the logo into individual parts, creating a small suite of marks to help make the brand more versatile. We then added in a selection of muted colours such as pink, sand and navy to compliment the original grey/blue swatch. Louise also enlisted the help of digital marketing geniuses over at Curated, who helped with structure, content writing and key decision making in regard to design. Using Shopify as our e-commerce provider, we re-designed the whole website with a brand new product catalogue, help guides, style inspiration and blogging platform. Tap here to visit the Fifty One Apparel website.
Screenshot from Fifty One Apparel website homepage design.
Screenshot from Fifty One Apparel category page of website design.Screenshot from Fifty One Apparel e-commerce page of website.
Selection of close-up photos from the Fifty One Apparel product range.A full UX/UI breakdown, displaying all of the different e-commerce elements of the Fifty One Apparel website.Fifty One Apparel shopping cart screenshot shown on an iPhone.Screenshot from Fifty One Apparel shopping page shown on an iPad.
Selection of screenshots from Fifty One Apparel website on iPhones.
With the website being constantly updated, Louise and I decided to add in a 'visual language' as a way of communicating how the innovative fabric operates. Using 5 main icons we depicted the main process of body heat increase, heat storage, body cooling, heat release and temperature regulation. We then used this on the website, product inserts and leave-behind material to iterate the practicality of the garments in addition to the general style.
5 illustrated icons to display Fifty One Apparel's fabric process.
Fifty One Apparel leaflet design.Fifty One Apparel leaflet design.
Range of branded collateral for Fifty One Apparel.