The Brick Tile Company selection of printed collateral with bricks.

The Brick Tile Co

The Brick Tile Company has over 25 years of experience in dealing with brick. They have crafted the largest range of brick tiles in the UK to give their customers the choice they need, in stock or bespoke. Having already created their brand and e-commerce platform, they asked me to come aboard as a brand consultant with the goal of differentiating their product and marketing material from any competing brands. Collectively, we wanted the brand to appeal to consumers and industry professionals alike, with added focus on style that would appeal to designers and interior enthusiasts.
Brand Consultancy
Collateral Design
Social Media Design
Video Creation
The Brick Tile Company business card designs.The Brick Tile Company selection of stationary designs.
The Brick Tile Company partner folders.
The Brick Tile Company interchangeable flyer designs for partner folders.
Initially, we wanted to focus our attention on partnerships and business relationships to help introduce the brand to those who would encounter the product in their everyday lives. This includes distributors, stockists, designers and installers to name a few. Once we had created these initial 'outreach' packs, we then wanted to shift focus as to how we could add value to our consumers. The Brick Tile Company does offer a sample service for their brick tile blends, however we wanted to create additional collateral that would allow customer to see a visual representation of the product range. We created a miniature 'blend guide' as a starting point for customers, with a full size catalogue for those further along in their buyer's journey.
The Brick Tile Company folded blend guide design.The Brick Tile Company folded blend guide design.
The Brick Tile Co Catalogue.The Brick Tile Co Catalogue.
The Brick Tile Co Catalogue.
It's important as a brand to not only provide a great product, but to also add value to the consumer experience. We decided to create a multitude of fold-out guides which would go in both sample orders and full brick-tile orders to help customers with their product. The sample guide was made to help guide the reader through the next steps of their buyer's journey, whilst the install guide was created for homeowners to help with their self-installs and product queries.
The Brick Tile Company ultimate install guide, printed and folded.The Brick Tile Company sample guide, printed and folded.
The Brick Tile Company sample guide, printed and folded.
Being a mainly e-commerce focused brand, its important for The Brick Tile Company to have a good online presence. We wanted to created a range of videos, images and guides so that potential customers can see real-life project examples and feel a sense of community with other interior design enthusiasts. Our social media approach is constantly being tested an updated so we can add as much value to users as possible.
The Brick Tile Company suite of icons for social media categories.The Brick Tile Company social media designs for Instagram.The Brick Tile Company icon designs for use on Instagram Stories.