Macbook website mockup for iOS icon and app loading screen for myCVapp.


Having been approached many years ago to work with the creator of myCV, I've only recently had the opportunity to start work on this project. myCV is an app where users can build a personalised work profile using their employment and training history to make hiring and compliance easy for employers and staff alike. For this project, I was initally asked to create a branding scheme that the app developers would use to inform the build of the app itself, along with a landing page to help gain traction and build a mailing/signup list.
Branding Design
Website Design
myCVapp logo design.
myCVapp logo variation.myCVapp iOS icon variations.
iOS icon and app loading screen for myCVapp.
The concept behind the branding was to create something super minimal in terms of composition, whilst still being bold and recognisable enough to be used as an iOS app icon. My idea was to use rounded triangular shapes overlapping at different angles to represent the initials 'CV'. The colours, shapes and typeface used in the main logo were also integral to the website design, where I took those same elements and animated them throughout the page to create some visual interest to the very clean and minimal design. The styling of the website is very simple but effective in creating a very consistent and intentional looking brand overall. Visit the live project to see the animation in real time! Tap here to visit the myCV website.
Screenshot of the myCVapp website.
Screenshot of the myCVapp website.Screenshot of the myCVapp website.
Screenshot of the myCVapp website.9 screenshot collage of the myCVapp website.6 icon designs for myCVapp.iPad mockup of the myCVapp website.
Mobile website mockups for myCVapp.