Virtual CEO website examples displayed on iPhone and iPad.

Virtual CEO

Having worked on many projects together over the years, Imelda approached me to help visualise her newest venture. Virtual CEO is a subscription service in which you can get your marketing, sales and tech departments on subscription for a flat monthly fee with unlimited work requests. Think Netflix for freelancers. Imelda wanted something super vibrant, with an element of playfulness to help demystify the prospect of hiring virtual employees.
Branding Design
Collateral Design
Website Design
Virtual CEO logo design.Virtual CEO logo design shown in different colourways.
Virtual CEO illustrated character design.Virtual CEO selection of illustrated characters and scenarios.
It was important that the brand have a logo that would work well in many formats, both as a singular logomark or paired with subsidiary brand text. After a ton of experimentation, we settled on a 'CEO' wordmark which was formed into the shape of a chat bubble, to reflect the 'virtual' aspect of the business. This was further stylised in the shape of a wide hexagon, a shape we then incorporated throughout the brand scheme. We then used illustrations to help visualise the services and help make the brand seem friendly and approachable to startups and established businesses alike.
Screenshot from Virtual CEO website homepage.
Screenshot from Virtual CEO website homepage.Screenshot from Virtual CEO website sign-up process.
Range of screenshots from Virtual CEO website design.Virtual CEO suite of icons.Screenshot of Virtual CEO website displayed on an iPad.
Screenshots of Virtual CEO website shown on iPhones.
Once we had settled on our branding scheme, we then proceeded on to our website design, an element that would of course be instrumental to a virtual business. We spent time designing the front end of the website complete with a suite of icons, illustrations and bright blocks of colour. We also created a structure for the customer platform itself, which would be built later and accessible only by client login. We also created a supplementary ebook which would be used as part of the inbound marketing and outreach, to help inform prospective customers as to what is included within the main pricing packages should they signup.
Virtual CEO printed services brochure, cover.Virtual CEO printed services brochure, interior pages.
Virtual CEO printed services brochure, cover and interior pages.